The Art of Flat Lays Workshop

Do you feel intimidated by having to shoot flat lays on a wedding day? Do you run out of time when you're shooting the details at the start of the day? Do you have a hard time knowing what to bring with you a wedding day when it comes to styling? I'm here to help!

I know creating amazing flat lays can be intimidating and feel like one more thing you need to shoot on a wedding day! I want to help you feel confident when it comes to shooting flat lays and be able to not only create "OK" flat lays but easily be able to create AMAZING flat lays!

That's why I created The Art of Flat Lay Workshop. It's an in-person workshop for photographers and stationers to learn how to create scroll stopping images of invitations, bridal details, the bridal bouquet and more!

Don't leave money on the table by not knowing how to create amazing flat lays.

Don't leave money on the table by not shooting amazing flat lays. If you're going to shoot them anyways, you might as well make them incredible. Well styled flat lay images help boost your image gallery, sell more pages in your wedding albums, get more traffic and followers on social media, increase your odds of being selected for publications and blogs and so much more!


What: Be able to shoot flat lays like a boss and set your self apart from other wedding photographers and stationers. No longer feel intimidated about shooting the wedding details but actually look forward to shooting them! And walk away with a styling kit that you'll be able to use for any flat lay. The Art of Flat Lays is a 3 hour online workshop covering everything you need to know about shooting flat lays. Includes instruction from Dana Laymon of the Styling Source, plus two copies of gorgeous invitation suites from Alexis Scott Designs, and a replay link for the course. 

We'll Cover Things Like:
- How to prep your clients to get you the the details you need for an amazing flat lay (email templates included!)
- Tips+Tricks for creating show stopping flat lays
- The essentials you need in your styling kit
- How to use social media to your advantage
- What works in a flat lay and what doesn't
- The different flat lays you need to be shooting
- How to find the best light
- Camera settings for the perfect flat lay
- The opportunity to purchase styling props to get your styling kit off to the right start
- And lots and lots of practice time!

When: Thursday, January 25, 2024, 12pm-3pm
Where: Online
Cost: $249 per person, includes 2 full invitation suites and video replay

Decide to make you and your business a priority! This is how you can set yourself apart from other photographers and make your wedding day go even smoother. Don't struggle any longer! 

There are limited seats available so be sure to save your spot!