So what exactly is a flat lay???

Flat lay images have become a new trend in recent years with photographers, influencers and bloggers. A flat lay is essentially any image that's shot from above shooting directing down at products or the subject. The photography is normally standing above the subject shooting down towards the ground. And since the camera is above the subject, you normally want everything to lay flat and facing up, hence the term flat lay.


In the wedding world, flat lays are created when shooting the wedding invitation, bride and groom details, and even the boutonnieres and bridal bouquet. 

For a wedding, shooting and creating amazing flat lay images and help upsell your galleries or albums because they are images that the bride and groom want to have to remember their paper goods and personal details. They may not have their wedding invitation to keep forever, but I'm sure they would love to have a beautiful picture of it to keep and remind them of their wedding day.

Flat lays may look easy but they definitely take some practice! As they become more on trend, photographers want to improve upon their flat lay skills. Great flat lays also work wonders for your social media like Instagram and Pinterest! Who doesn't love looking at beautiful flat lay images?!

Rules of thumb when creating flat lays are:

1. Practice, Practice, Practice! Flat lays may look easy but they can be time consuming and look awkward at first. But the more you create, the better you'll get!

2. Use Natural Light. Use a natural light source, like a window, whenever you're shooting flat lays. I like to have the window in front of me, then my flat lay setup in between me and the window.

3. Use fresh flowers. If you're  a wedding photographer, get in the habit of asking the wedding planner or florist ahead of time for extra flowers and greenery that you can use in the flat lays. They'll love it because it's just another image that you can tag them in and that they can use for their portfolio. Plus it makes a world of difference in your flat lays.

I hope that helps! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about flat lays. I'm always happy to help!


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