Pro Tip: Working with Flowers

Let’s talk flowers! How do photographers get all those pretty blooms to work with? Just like everything in life, ask for what you need! I always communicate with the wedding planner and the florist ahead of time requesting that I have loose flowers and greenery ready for me at the location where I’ll be shooting the flat lays. Make it a point to emphasize that you plan on showcasing their work, that you’ll be sharing these gorgeous images with them and that you’ll be tagging them on social media (in case they need some motivation).

If worse comes to worse, you can forage outside a little, keep faux flowers in your styling kit as a backup, or pick a few flowers off of some of the larger arrangements if you can- a few flowers here and there won’t be missed.

But I’ve found that as long as you communicate your needs ahead of time and get all parties on board, then you shouldn’t have any problem having beautiful flowers to play around with.

Here are some things that are helpful to have on hand when working with flowers:

*Floral Risers (tagged in this post)
*Paper towels to try the flowers off
*Tweezers to place petals in place easier
*Soft paintbrush to brush away petals when you’re done

Anything else you like to have on hand when it comes to working with flowers? I'd love to hear!


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