Pro Tip: Using the Rule of Odds

There are a few "rules" you can remember when it comes to creating more eye pleasing flat lays. One of them is the "rule of odds". This is when you group your flat lay details in groups of 1, 3 or 5 when using things like flowers, stamps or wax seals. And not only should you think about individual groupings in groups of odds, but your groups of groupings! So if you have groups of flowers, for example, in your flat lay, consider have 3 sets of groups to make the image more interesting and balanced. 

Here you can see the wax seals and stamps are in groups of three:


Here you can see how the flowers are in groups of three together:


And here you can see the stamps are in a group of three, there are three flowers and the are three stems of Eucalyptus in this layout:

Image: Kaleh Sampson Designs

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