My Top 5 Things to Have in Your Styling Kit!

There are lots of pretty things that you may think of to include in your styling kit but the 4 that I absolutely have to have may not be so obvious, or as fun! But I use these items for every single flat lay.

1. A Styling Mat

A pretty flat lay isn't anything without a good styling surface! So many times I've been stuck at a wedding with only the floor or a bedspread as a background option and it totally took away from what I was creating. A simple styling mat can make all the difference to your flat lay. They're easy to take with you and are usually double sided so you'll always have at least two options. 

2. Acrylic Blocks or Risers


3. Floral Risers

Game.Changer. If you don't have floral risers in your styling kit arsenal, then you should! These circular risers are hollow and allow flowers to sit right inside, and keep them facing up. Plus they can be used for tradition risers under your stationery too! 


4. Washi Tape

Paper gets warped over time, especially if it's been handled a lot, so using washing tape to tape things like envelope flaps down to your styling mat is a lifesaver! That way the things that need to be flat can be! Plus it won't do any harm to your styling mat or paper goods. Plus the roll of tape can duplicate for a riser or floral riser!


5. Small Paint Brush

This will help you brush off any lint or, flower petals, or finger prints you might get on your styling mat. But better than a lint roller in my opinion!


What do you have in your styling kit that you can't live without?


Stationery: Alexis Scott Designs

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