How to Use Envelope Liners to Improve Your Flat Lays

Flat lays are an important part of telling the wedding story and there are a few affordable and inexpensive things you can do to improve your flat lays. One of them is adding images, or liners, to the envelopes in the invitation suite. If you’re a photographer, it may not be possible to add liners on the day of the wedding. BUT I always try to bring the invitation suite, along with some flowers, home if I can to shoot it. 1. So I’m not so crunched for time on the wedding day and 2. So I can spend more time perfecting the flat lay without being under pressure. This way you can also have the ability to add special details to improve the look of your flat lay. Or you can use a liner just to practice or add some beauty to your personal life!

You can find a lot fo free images online to use for liners. Click here to see ones I picked specifically that will work well for liners. As long as the image is a part of the public domain then you are free to use it. To get started, you’ll need: a pen or pencil, glue stick or double sided tape, your liner design, your envelope and scissors.

1. Start by tracing the outline of your envelope on the pattern. Make sure you trace enough to fill the opening of the envelope (not just the top flap).


  1. Cut out your tracing a little inside the line to be able to leave a gap between your liner and the envelope’s edge.
  1. Place your cutout inside the envelope and leave a little space around the edges.


  1. Fold down the the liner along the inside crease of the envelope. This will help the envelope fold more easily.


  1. Place glue or double-sided tape on the back side of the liner.


  1. Press the liner firmly against the envelope and allow it to dry.


  1. Voila!


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