How to Elevate Your Details When Shooting a Flat Lay

It’s important to remember that although you’re shooting a flat lay, not everything is going to be at the exact same level. You normally want your important item/your focus to be the thing that is the highest in the photo, but with cameras now it’s not a hard and fast rule. If you’re shooting an invitation for example, you may want the invitation to sit slightly higher in the photo so it’s in focus. You, at least, want it level with the highest item in the photo, so it doesn’t become out of focus in the image.

Here are things that are easy to use to elevate details in your images when you’re on a shoot:

  1. Camera lens cap
  2. Top of the ring box
  3. Pen/Pencil
  4. Cell Phone

And if you want even more help so you're never looking for risers, take a look at our Acrylic Blocks. They not only are great risers but look pretty in pictures too! I hope that helps! Stay tuned to the blog for more tips, tricks and DIY fun!


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